New Requests are CLOSED

Here are the rules (Read them carefully before making your request);

– Only one request at a time. You must wait till I’m done your current request before you can ask for another one.

– Maximum of 5 poses per request

– Each pose has a maximum of 2 sims in it

– Try to be as clear as possible in your request

– References are useful, but optional

– I don’t do sexually mature poses

– You can ask for as many props as you want and props of any kind (ex: gondola, bed, table, custom content, etc) If it’s CC you’ll have to provide a link.

One animal counts as one sim

– Unless your request is first in line, you may modify it at any moment

All you need to do is comment and tell me what you want! Check back in two days to see if I accepted your request and to answer any questions I might have for you. If you’d prefer communicating with me via email:

Optional extras (click on the image to pay)

No refunds!

 You’ve already made your request, but you have another one and you’d like to secure your place in the request line? All you need to do is pay 1$ for every additional request!

You have this fantastic pose you want but it has 3, no 4, no 5 sims in it? Just pay 1$ and you can have as many sims in one pose as you want! You want a fighting pose with 10 sims? Done!

You’re limited to 5 poses per request, but you’d really like to have all your 8, or 9, or 20 poses at once? Pay 2$ for every additional 5 poses to your request!

NEW You can now exchange 5 poses for a one sim animation lasting no more than 10 seconds! Pay 2$ to transform 5 poses into a 10 sec animation! And an additional 2$ for every 10 seconds you want to add!

Top priorityI can’t make posing a full time job, and I’m actually a rather busy person, so sometimes it can take a very long time before your request gets done. So I’ve decided to introduce this little add-on for those of you who have poses they need done very soon and the request line is humongus. For 5$, your request becomes my top priority and we can discuss an appropriate deadline. There will only be ONE available spot at a time for Top Priority. Here are the situations in which your request is not applicable for this add-on:

  • Your request has one of the following add-ons:  >3 sims or >5 poses
  • The last Top Priority spot was one of your requests (Last person: Krisbiansimblr)

If your request is already in the line and doesn’t oppose the criteria above, you can apply for the Top Priority spot.

Top Priority spot: EMPTY

Date of next availability: currently

note: You may not ‘reserve’ a Top Priority spot in advance.


Have fun simming 😀

Request line

1) Request 65 – 5 couple poses cadence

2) Request 66 – 5 pier poses madeleine latour

3) Request 67 – 5 parent/child poses cassandra mcbell

4) Request 68 – 5 female poses xlunalovegoodx

5) Request 70 – One ‘shh’ pose therealsimmer

6) Request 71 – 5 cowboy/horse poses smoketheice

7) Request 72 – 5 children waltz poses shortredrose

8) Request 73 – One mom/child pose eleonora cengia

9) Request 74 – Female dragging male by the hand pose Ariana

10) Request 75 – 5 Monkey bar, swing and skateboard couple poses imperfectpixels

11) Request 76 – 5 kid couple poses jeynna

12) Request 77 – 1 sad couple pose thatangelgamer

13) Request 78 – 1 annoyed pose and 1 smiling pose mad

14) Request 79 – 10 Sleeping Beauty poses kaley

15) Request 80 – 4 dog poses Wolfgirl

16) Request 81 – 3 Star vs the force of Evil poses Zarah Martin

17) Request 82 – 10 cheerleader poses Jessalyn Delgado

18) Request 83 – 1 couple pose, sitting on a car Heart X

19) Request 85 – 5 Doctor who poses, Hilarybecker

20) Request 86 – 5 gender reveal poses, Mittysimmer

21) Request 87 – 5 children poses, Carolineff9

22) Request 88 – 5 dad/son poses, Jennifer Stephens

23) Request 89 – 5 Lounge poses, waininglai

24) Request 90 – 2 misc poses, Sincerelyblahblahblah

25) Request 91 – 4 cars poses, tolgaoz91


(Currently at a speed of one request per month)

334 Responses to Requests!

  1. HilaryBecker says:

    Hi there, it’s me again! I was wondering if you were still doing poses? And if so, I was wondering if I could pay to add a pose and also move to top priority? I’m currently listed as #19/Request 86, but I’d love to finally add my requests to the game!

    New pose I’d like added:

  2. tolgaoz91 says:

    hi. I have a request. I need some sim driving car poses. For example, i want my sim look back turning his neck while using the steering wheel.(as if he drives the car backward) Or some movements looking left or right as if he drives the car to left or right. Also some poses about opening the car door will be great

    • blamsart says:

      Do you have a specific car in mind for height alignments? (If its an EA car just showing me what it is, even base game, is enough, else if it’s CC, i’ll need a link)
      Also the most I can do is have their hand on the car door before they open it as cars in sims don’t open their doors

      • tolgaoz91 says:

        I think i can put my sims in any heightness which they need. So it isn’t important that poses are for jalopy, or a lorry or a truck. But at least, i can say that ıt’ll be better if you use a police car. Because my story line is police thematic partly.(base game police car can be)
        And thanks by the way ❤

        • blamsart says:


          So to be clear, these are the poses you’d like?

          1 – Sim looking back – backwards driving
          2 – Sim looking left before driving
          3 – Sim looking right before driving
          4 – Sim going to open a door

          You’re free to add one or edit! I just need a clear guideline. You have a max of 5

          • tolgaoz91 says:

            this four are enough. But i mean sim looking left while driving, as if he drives the car to the left. (sim’s hands on the steerwheel) car is already being driven, I want my sim look as if he changes the direction of car while he drives. I’m sorry i’m not native english speaker. I hope you understand. And thanks for trying to understand me bytheway 🙂

  3. Tolga Öztürk says:

    hi, i can’t download most poses from dropbox. But i need all of them. Can’t you upload them all in one to simfileshare? please 😦

  4. Hi, I sent two reference pictures of the two poses I’d like to request do you need any other info?

  5. waininglai says:

    I wouldn’t mind some (outdoor) lounge chair poses for men. Relaxing in them, if you can. Thank you!

  6. alexd= says:

    more sims 3 pregnancy poses would be so appreciated!

  7. Carolineff99 says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you could/would make these into poses! It would be pretty awesome! I can never seem to find that many kid poses and ones where they are interacting with each other! 🙂

    • Carolineff99 says:

      one of the hand holding poses doesn’t need to be done i just wanted a little verity of idea you know? 🙂

    • blamsart says:

      I agree there aren’t a lot of kid poses!
      I have a few questions before I put this request down.
      You have two pictures with kids playing on game controllers. Do you have CC you want to use for that? Or else I’d be posing the children with nothing in their hands.

      Secondly, you mentionned in another comment that one of the handholding poses didn’t need to be done. Do you have a preference? As all three are quite different, what with one standing still, one walking and one running.

      • Carolineff99 says:

        posing nothing in their hands will be fine 🙂 and maybe the picture of them just standing i can live without haha 🙂

        • blamsart says:

          Just to confirm, I should pose the ones with gamer controllers as if they were holding nothing, or as if there’s an invisible controller in their hands?

  8. Aya says:

    Hi, needs help. Could you reply me at, so that I can send you the reference picture. Thanks 🙂

  9. Mittysimmer says:

    Hi can make a baby show my tumblr is @ mittysimmer so i can send you pictures

  10. Hi! I was wondering if you could make some mugshot poses, please? I was looking for some reference photos but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, probably because when people are getting their mugshots taken they aren’t in a very cheeky mood. Essentially I’d like one smiling, a wink, an eye-roll, a tongue sticking out, and a thumbs up, if possible. Thank you!

  11. Deidra says:

    Could you create 5 poses of a family holding their newborn baby at the hospital please? 🙂 I hope these pictures help

    • blamsart says:

      I can, are these images exactly the poses you’re looking for?
      If so, I can be lenient in not counting the baby as a ‘sim’ considering they barely have any joints to speak of (And thus are considered more prop than anything else), however the last picture also has a toddler, which makes it a 3 sim pose. 3 sim poses are part of my extra options and cost 1$.

  12. Jessalyn Delgado says:

    Hello! I’d like to leave a request for five child poses.
    I sent you $1 for one of the poses that has more than two sims in it! The rest only have two.
    Should I show you the reference pictures?

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