Pose making tip – Height difference

There are two methods for posing a height difference between two sims!


The first one is more common and consists in manually editing in blender the height of the rigs, which will carry onto the sims in game.


The SECOND one applies for when you have a height mod in your game and the height difference is already applied to your sim. Specifically Cmar’s height mod in my case : http://modthesims.info/d/508972

You can skip to the bottom right now to access the equation I devised to apply in blender

Or you can continue reading to see what the journey was to getting this equation.

The plan here rested on the SCALING element in blender.

While the first method uses a simple ‘Click and drag’ of the middle joints:

The second method uses the scaling aspect of posing, knowing that the pose only saves the movement of the joints and not the size of the mesh:

If we could determine a scale that changed the height of the mesh to match the height of the sim in game, we would have a more accurate depiction of the heights in blender, while exporting the pose in normal size.  And so the resulting poses don’t extend the torsos of sims, but matches the heights of your sims with height sliders.

After some testing I determined the Y axis was the best one to tweak for height.

After that, I needed to establish an equation that could translate the (-256 to 256) values of the height slider in game to a numeric value that turned around 1.000 to apply in blender.

To do so I took screenshots of a sim in CAS at -256 height, 0 height, and 256 height. I then overlayed all three pictures together and applied a ruler to it like so:

With this I now had an extra external value that I could use to calculate the proportion on both ends, taller and smaller.

It is a LITTLE etchy, but I did what I could with what I had, and the equation I came up with has been tested and tried.

**Dealing with Height Sliders for Poses**

These are the equations you need. X is the height value on the slider in CAS.

If X is higher than 0



W/14=Blender Value (This is the value you put on the 2nd slot for the scale. That’s the one that adjusts height)

If X is lower than 0


W/14=Blender Value (This is the value you put on the 2nd slot for the scale. That’s the one that adjusts height)


While this isn’t 100% accurate due to the nature of how I got my proportions, it works for now.

As for the case of teens, while it doesn’t work all the time, teens are considered to have a (-256) value on adult rigs.