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Request 61

Hello folks! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a 5 pose anime based request! There’s some clipping if the female sim is wearing a dress or a skirt.   a_61Req1_blams a_61Req2_blams (male) a_61Req3_blams a_61Req4_blams a_61Req5_blams Enjoy~ Pose list compatible!

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Request 60 Part 7

And with this Request 60 is finished! Sorry for the delay guys, I’ve missed two months I know, I think you can guess I’ve been absurdly busy. I could go at length as to why, but……….have the pose pack instead A lot … Continue reading

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Request 60 Part 6

6/7 Here are 14 poses for you guys! A diverse variety of single or couple poses, all adults!   Thanks to Livvielove for making pose #61!   a_60Req57x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_60Req58x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_60Req59x_blams (x being: … Continue reading

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Request 60 Part 3

3/7 Hello folks! Here are 12 poses for children! A huge thank you to Livvielove for doing two of these poses! Specifically number 28 and 35! She’s made and released pose packs of her own on the boolprop forum. You … Continue reading

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Request 60 Part 2

2/7 Here are 12 poses that each have at least 2 sims per pose! Most of these are children-adult oriented. Enjoy! a_60Req12_blams c_60Req12x_blams (x being: a=female, b=middle, c=left)   x_60Req13_blams (x being: a=adult, p=toddler) x_60Req14_blams (x being: a=adult, c=child) x_60Req15_blams … Continue reading

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Request 50

Hey folks! Just a quick update to say that the way I name my package files has changed. Somebody made a comment (you know who you are :P) about how simpler it is to organize with my name in front. … Continue reading

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SitHere Pose pack

Here’s a small sitting pose pack of 7 poses. I say ‘sitting’, but imagine me putting air quotes around that. Note: None of the poses were moved. All of them are at their original height.   a_SitHere1_blams a_SitHere2_blams a_SitHere3_blams a_SitHere4_blams … Continue reading

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