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Request 60 Part 7

And with this Request 60 is finished! Sorry for the delay guys, I’ve missed two months I know, I think you can guess I’ve been absurdly busy. I could go at length as to why, but……….have the pose pack instead A lot … Continue reading

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Young Romance Pose Pack

Hi guys! Sorry another backup pose pack, it’s been busssyyyy These are several sequences I used for a couple in my story! The same couple I used to model them 😀   a_YoungRomance1x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_YoungRomance2x_blams (x being: … Continue reading

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How to Sit Pose Pack

Starting off the New Year with one of my personal pose packs!   Here is a collection of 13 sitting poses using various props 😀 Namely, for some poses I specifically used the banquette and table from this Around the … Continue reading

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NotStanding Pose Pack

Hey folks! I’m super busy again so I’m having to take for my backup pose packs! Here have a collection of 15 poses with a sitting down or lying down theme 🙂 As a warning some of these were made … Continue reading

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SitHere Pose pack

Here’s a small sitting pose pack of 7 poses. I say ‘sitting’, but imagine me putting air quotes around that. Note: None of the poses were moved. All of them are at their original height.   a_SitHere1_blams a_SitHere2_blams a_SitHere3_blams a_SitHere4_blams … Continue reading

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Request 46 Part 1

Hello everyone! Finally have the first part of this request done! 1/6 These are 7 doctor/patient related poses without the accessories. a_46Req1x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_46Req2x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_46Req3x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) *note: The chairs in … Continue reading

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Request 41

4 couple poses! The models I used are teens in their pjs (for the poses to work for teens you’ve gotta move the girl to the right 2), and they’re my precious children from my story Sorry for the color … Continue reading

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