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Request 61

Hello folks! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a 5 pose anime based request! There’s some clipping if the female sim is wearing a dress or a skirt.   a_61Req1_blams a_61Req2_blams (male) a_61Req3_blams a_61Req4_blams a_61Req5_blams Enjoy~ Pose list compatible!

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Young Romance Pose Pack

Hi guys! Sorry another backup pose pack, it’s been busssyyyy These are several sequences I used for a couple in my story! The same couple I used to model them 😀   a_YoungRomance1x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_YoungRomance2x_blams (x being: … Continue reading

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LayStill Pose Pack

A small pose pack I’ve had lying around for a while (pun, finger guns y’all) Have 5 poses revolving around not being horizontally positionned   a_Laystill1_blams a_Laystill2_blams a_Laystill3_blams a_Laystill4_blams a_Laystill5_blams Pose list compatible!

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Request 60 Part 2

2/7 Here are 12 poses that each have at least 2 sims per pose! Most of these are children-adult oriented. Enjoy! a_60Req12_blams c_60Req12x_blams (x being: a=female, b=middle, c=left)   x_60Req13_blams (x being: a=adult, p=toddler) x_60Req14_blams (x being: a=adult, c=child) x_60Req15_blams … Continue reading

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How to Sit Pose Pack

Starting off the New Year with one of my personal pose packs!   Here is a collection of 13 sitting poses using various props 😀 Namely, for some poses I specifically used the banquette and table from this Around the … Continue reading

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Nikolas Part 5 Pose Pack

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s late, I’m scrambling a bit and I have to pull out another back up pose pack for this month. It’s a BUSY BUSY time. And i can’t wait for it to STOP being busy as I … Continue reading

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Salandra Part 2 Pose pack

Wooo I’m hitting another busy patch, so have another of my backup packs 🙂 a_Salandra11_blams a_Salandra12_blams a_Salandra13_blams a_Salandra14_blams (Teen rig has the hands far apart, but an adult rig has the fingers touching) a_Salandra15_blams a_Salandra16_blams a_Salandra17_blams a_Salandra18_blams a_Salandra19_blams a_Salandra20_blams Pose … Continue reading

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