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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons

Request 64

Here’s a pose request I finished a while ago and whose requester already got it! 5 poses based off tragedy movie scenes. a_64Req1x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_64Req2x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_64Req3x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_64Req4x_blams (x being: … Continue reading

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Request 63

This is a pose pack with only face joints posed. This is for you other pose makers out there. This way you get facial expressions to start with! Since this is for pose makers, I’m uploading not a pose pack, … Continue reading

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Request 62

I’ve had some free time so I’m trying to catch up! Here’s a two pose pack!   c_62Req1_blams a_62Req2_blams Enjoy! Pose list compatible

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Request 61

Hello folks! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a 5 pose anime based request! There’s some clipping if the female sim is wearing a dress or a skirt.   a_61Req1_blams a_61Req2_blams (male) a_61Req3_blams a_61Req4_blams a_61Req5_blams Enjoy~ Pose list compatible!

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Updated Links

Hi guys! It was brought to my attention that all my drop box links for all my poses before my Nikolas Part 1 were dead, so I’ve gone through and reuploaded all those poses on simfileshare. Please tell me if … Continue reading

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Request 60 Part 7

And with this Request 60 is finished! Sorry for the delay guys, I’ve missed two months I know, I think you can guess I’ve been absurdly busy. I could go at length as to why, but……….have the pose pack instead A lot … Continue reading

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Request 60 Part 6

6/7 Here are 14 poses for you guys! A diverse variety of single or couple poses, all adults!   Thanks to Livvielove for making pose #61!   a_60Req57x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_60Req58x_blams (x being: a=female, b=male) a_60Req59x_blams (x being: … Continue reading

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